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Drinking age in South Africa

The drinking age in South Africa is 18. However, the government is considering raising the drinking age to 21 because of problems with young people drinking. The proposal was being considered at a summit on eradicating drug abuse and alcohol in society, and the Social Development Minister talked about the conference to the news.

The statement she gave followed a committee meeting on substance abuse before the second substance abuse summit.

She mentioned that drug abuse and alcohol was breaking apart families, killing folks, and leaving other people imprisoned. Alcohol was responsible for 29% of driver injuries, and it was responsible for over 47% of driver deaths too.

Dealing with this problem has been a huge issue for the government.

Now, there are exceptions to the rule, of course, just like there are exceptions in all parts of the world, a person responsible for offering a religious sacrament, adult guardian, or parent can supply alcohol to a minor on occasion as long as it’s a moderate quantity, and it’s consumed by the minor with an adult present with adult supervision. There has to be supervision from another person, that guardian, or that parent. It’s just that simple.

Some people were wanting to know if the legal drinking age did every change to 21 because there was such a stir about it. The legal drinking age didn’t get raised from 18 to 21, and even if the legislation passed soon, they wouldn’t change it all of a sudden. There would be some sort of a period for a buffer. The period might be 3-5 years prior to the change taking place.

There are a lot of government agencies that have suggested that the drinking age be changed from 18 to 21 years old, but the legal drinking age was never increased from 18 to 21. No changes in this way have ever been exacted, and potential proposal is currently under review. However, some clubs and bars will just allow people who are 21 and over to come on to the premises. In some cases, it is people who are 23 and older who are allowed on the premises and no one else. This is mainly because of the profit that can be made. If the crowd gets too juvenile and boisterous, then the more affluent, older crowd will find another place to go. That being said, there are lots of clubs and bars for people who are 18 years of age or older. In some instances, the club or bar might have a 21 and up night only on certain nights of the week, or a 23 and up night only on certain days of the week, and they might have an 18 and up night a couple of times a week or whatever.

You can drink alcohol at 18, vote at 18, and get married at 18. At 18, in South Africa, you’re considered an adult. You’re allowed to drink and do the other things that adults can do there.




  1. Mawela Rodney says:

    I agree that the drinking age must be increased to 21

  2. Brandon Seevaraj says:

    I think increasing the drinking age would do more harm than good. It would in my opinion, encourage breaking the law to get alcohol. The real problem is getting teenagers not to start drinking at an early age. If they can get alcohol now, they can get it even when the age limit is 21.

  3. prince says:

    i do agree with this because it will do good for the future of South Africa viva 21 viva

  4. non of your bisnes says:

    does not help if you make the age 21 alot of people at the age of 21 is also un responseble i have friend ho age 22 that cant drink responseble so it wont help the same proplems wil happen even if you make the age 21 so ceep it 18 people wil just have to learn the hard way if they dont whanne drink responseble its for them cos making it 21 wil also not work cos there are to menny people that age and people who is 18 wil and can drink at home so leave it at 18


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