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Drinking age in Spain


The legal drinking age is 18 in Spain, with the caveat that it is in most regions. In Asturias, it is 16. It is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages to people that are under the age of 18 years old. In fact, it is very illegal. The fine can start at 30,000 Euros and go all the way up to 600,000 Euros. Stores cannot sell any alcoholic beverages between the times of 10 PM and 9 AM.

The government of Spain said that underage alcohol consumption is a growing problem for families and youth because youth have nothing else to do with their time and turn to drinking, which is a bad hobby and hobbit. They say that alcohol is far too easy to come across, and that it is endangering families and others because it is unrestrained with some youth. The Spanish government said that until the age of 18, the brain and body is still maturing, and that it is much worse for children than it is for adults. They say that permanent brain damage that is caused at the age of 18 years old will not start to show up until 24 years old.

Spain has a good attitude toward their minimum drinking age. They brought it up to 18 to make it in line with the rest of the Europe. 18 is the age at which most of the civilized countries allow their youth to drink.

The bars, pubs, and cafeterias tend to open at 8 AM, and most of them will serve alcohol until 1:30 AM or later on. You can purchase alcoholic beverages at almost any market in the country.

There used to be a legal drinking age of 16 in the country. All that has changed, however, and just two years ago the legal drinking age was raised to 18. This is bad news for many tourist families and school field trips that went to Spain because drinking alcohol is a part of the Spanish culture. It was a great way to experience the long and rich heritage of Spain firsthand in a way that was unusual to see in the United States. Since there is not as much stigma about underage drinking as there is in the United States, it is a refreshing thing to go to Spain and have the feeling that alcohol is a normal part of society, culture, and family that is just natural.

Spain has one of the most relaxed minimum drinking age cultures in the area, and it wasn’t until recently that the age was raised to 16. It used to be that 16 was plenty old enough to imbibe and enjoy doing so with the tolerance of law enforcement too. All that has changed through, and there is no longer any allowance for anyone drinking that is under the age of 18, unless they do so with the supervision of an adult guardian or do so in their own home with the supervision of a parent too.



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  1. David Hughes says:

    it doesn’t bother me because i will be fifty six years old in november this year of 2015 so i can drink what i like in spain cos, i am only just four and a half years away from the big 60


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