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Drinking Age in St. Barts

St. Barts is also referred to as Saint Barth, and Saint Barths. It is an island located in the Caribbean. The country is a part of the European Union.

The legal drinking age in St. Barts is eighteen. A person must be at least eighteen years old to purchase wine, beer or liquor while in St. Barts. You will find beer, wine and liquor being sold in restaurants and grocery stores every day of the week during their regular business hours.

The island of St. Barts has been considered to where the rich and famous come to play. It is known for the high end shopping, gourmet restaurants, and of course its pristine beaches.

Nightlife in St. Barts

Some clubbers may find that Saint Bart’s night life is somewhat calm, especially when compared to that of Saint Martin. However, there are many trendy places from which to choose and you can simply have a drink or be ready to party all night long.

There are some restaurants on the island that have a lounge bar that is open for aperitifs when dinner is over. One of these types of bars is the Bonito. The Bonito is located in the outer part of Gustavia. Other bars of this type to consider include Carre Lounge and Ti St. Bart.

For those looking for a late night drink night clubs and night bars are the perfect place to visit. These bars offer trendy music and are perfect for dancing the night away. The Yacht Club and Casa Nikki are two of the hottest late night clubs located in Gustavia. The L’Elclipse is another trendy late night bar to consider.


When in St. Barts you will need to be prepared to spend a lot of money on food. Everything on the island is imported and this is reflected in the pricing of the dishes. It is possible to find fresh fish at some of the restaurants on the island.

Restaurant Le Gaiac is opened every day for breakfast lunch and dinner. Visit on Tuesday to enjoy the fresh fish market, offering a chance to enjoy the local fair.

Places to Stay

One of the great things about St. Barts is that it is highly underdeveloped. There is a law stating that no buildings can be taller than a palm tree. For this reason you will not find any high rises and there are no large and massive resorts. Most of the rooms that are available on the island are found in private villas and not in a hotel.

There are about 25 hotels located on the island. Most of these hotels have no more than fifteen rooms. The largest hotel offers just seventy rooms.

Villa vacations on St. Barts are quite popular and there are many villas that dot the hillsides of the island. There are some great beach front locations available as well. You will find everything from one room bungalows to huge and luxurious homes available.




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