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Drinking age in St. Thomas

The drinking age in St. Thomas is 18. 18-year-olds on the island can drink, order, and buy alcohol, but they can’t transport the alcohol bottles back to the U.S. 18-year-olds will get their alcohol taken in confiscation by customs at checkpoints. The Virgin Islands are a magical place to go. There are several dozen resorts there. St. Thomas is also unmistakably beautiful.

The waters are crystal-clear blue, the trees are amazing, and there is some amazing wildlife there. Some of the rainbows there are also incredibly beautiful. What’s even better is how the stars look at night. Not being able to drink the finest rum in the world there is such a bummer, so if you’re almost 18, and your parents are considering going there on a vacation, ask them to wait until you’re 18. It’s also a great place to go when you’ve gotten out of high school and want to experience what it’s really like to see a beautiful corner of the world, an island paradise, a young person’s drinking haven, and a little slice of heaven. It’s a spiritual place.

St. Thomas is a place where many American teenagers go to have their first drinking experience. Like Canada and Mexico, the drinking age there is 18. It’s a fun place to explore your wild side and have a little magic out on the beach. That doesn’t necessarily mean sex though. It’s about the experience of being free and open in a new country, and not having the strict laws of the United States affecting you. If you’re really feeling free in a new country, then you won’t feel as stifled when you’re enjoying your drinking experience. That’s not just about the legal drinking age. It’s the whole concept and culture of drinking in St. Thomas versus the United States. You can actually enjoy it there, and you won’t feel that it’s connected to American socialization or parties. It’s about the spiritual side of drinking, being surrounded by nature, out on the beach, and drinking down rum instead of some cheap beer back at home.

If your parents are considering visiting there on vacation, then ask them to wait until you’re 18, because you’ll get so much more out of the experience if you can drink while you’re there. You won’t feel like you’re missing out on the world’s best rum, distilled, manufactured and sold right at its source, and you’ll also get to really recall the experience a lot better and more clearly. Even if you just spend a few nights of your vacation drinking there, it will still be something that you remember a lot better because the experience of drunkenness, real drunkenness, your first time, when you’re out there in public, and allowed to do it, in a new country and with new people, is a liberating experience. You won’t feel like you’ve reached the adult age back in America. You’ll feel like you’ve sidestepped it and beaten the system. It’s a tremendous way to go. It’s much better than sticking around the U.S.



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  1. Michael Crawford says:

    Pretty much describes the beauty and charm of the US Virgin Islands!! The US Virgin Islands are a great place, and one to learn to drink real and fulfilling drinks at that!! So much better than drinking that disgusting, wicked, lame American light beer like coors, bud light, and the other vile stuff that’s put out!! I would rather drink some of the best rum in the world (Pussers and Cruzan), as opposed to that lousy and trashy American light beer like Coors and Bud Light!! Believe me, the rum there blows American beer out the window!! You might even start liking rum over lousy cheap watery beer!! Highly recommend for any and all 18 year olds looking for a real and classy first drinking experience instead of it being a binge drinking contest


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