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Drinking Age in Tahiti

Tahiti is not covered in white sandy beaches and there are no vistas over a blue lagoon to retreat to. However, this island is in the heart of French Polynesia and should not be bypassed on your trip to the islands. The shadowy mountains and waterfalls combined with the black sandy beaches make Tahiti something worth seeing.

To legally drink in Tahiti you must be at least eighteen years old. This is the age where buying and consuming alcohol is legal. However, most of the time the laws regarding legal age to drink alcohol are not enforced.

Tahitian Food

The island of Tahiti is famous for its great food. There are many great restaurants located throughout the islands offering many types of cuisines including Vietnamese, Chinese, American, Polynesian, Italian, and French foods for your enjoyment.

Most of the major hotels will offer a simple restaurant as well as a gourmet restaurant. Evenings will be organized around buffets that are quite generous. You will be entertained with dance shows during the dinner.

There are other food options available as well including bistro fare. You can find Roulottes and sidewalk cafes while in Papeete. These mobile cafes have food that is inexpensive and good such as steak and chips, pizza, and crepes.
There is plenty of seafood available throughout the island as well. This includes crayfish, shrimp, clams, and local fish from the ocean. Tropical fruits are plentiful including fresh mangoes, pineapples, coconuts, papaya, grapefruit, oranges, and limes.

A traditional Tahitian dish is poisson cru. This is a raw fish that is marinated in a mixture of coconut milk and lime juice. Local pork is featured in many of the Tahitian dishes as well.

Most of the chicken and other meat is imported to the country from New Zealand and is quite good. Those that love sea food are going to enjoy the diversity of fish from the ocean and lagoons that is prepared in many different ways.

Vegetarians and those that do not care for fish will be surprised by the number of great dishes that are available to them as well.

In Tahiti, the national drink is beer. The most popular beer is called Hinano, which has become quite famous. However, the choice of alcohol is quite endless. There are many great tropical cocktails available and they are made using the local fruits for a fresh and wonderful taste.

When out for the evening consider asking the bartender for one of their drink specials. Every bar has a unique drink that they are known for and they should be on your list of things to try during your visit.

Both restaurants and supermarkets sell many types of wines. It is possible to find good French wines at reasonable prices throughout the country.

You are allowed to drink alcohol almost anywhere in the country. Most hotels and resorts in the area will have a bar available for your enjoyment. In Papeete the night life is hopping and you will find plenty of things to do in the evenings during your stay.




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