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Drinking Age in Tasmania

Tasmania is an island state that is often referred to as Tassie. Tasmania is a part of Commonwealth of Australia and is located about 240 kilometres south of the continent. Included in the state of Tasmania is the island of Tasmania as well as the 334 islands that surround it. Almost half of the country is a national park, reserve, or world heritage site.

Currently, the drinking age in Tasmania is 18. However, there is an overwhelming support from the people of the country to raise the age to at least 21. Nearly 70% of the people polled stated that they support raising the drinking age. Although, the younger people of the country and those in the hospitality industry did not support this.

The debate over the drinking age started when Kevin Rudd, the prime minister of Tasmania stated that he personally thinks that the drinking age should be higher.

Tasmanian Wine

Tasmanian wine is produced in the country. The wines that are produced in Tasmania are different than other wines produced in Australia as the climate of the country is somewhat cooler. The area primarily produces Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. There are also small plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, and Riesling.

The wine industry of Tasmania has seen positive effects from global warming as the majority of the grapes from the past few vintages, since around 2005, have been able to fully ripen to produce wine that is more vibrant.

The cooler climate of the region makes it a good place to produce many sparkling wines. Many of the mainland producers of wine in Australia have production facilities located in Tasmania in order to create the base cuvee. This is then transported to the main facility of the winery. There are even some French champagne houses that have started to use land in Tasmania for their sparkling wine collection.

Tasmania was one of the first regions of Australia to be planted with grape vines for wine. It is also the source of cuttings that were used for the first vineyards in South Australia and Victoria. One of the fortified dessert wines made by Bartholomew Broughton was praised by an English writer as being the Australian equivalent of Port.

Most of the vineyards in Tasmania are located near Hobart in the southern part of the country and in in Launceston in the northern part of the country. A lot of the country is quite well suited for producing aromatic, dry white wines. However, the warmer Freycinet Peninsula as well as the Coal River Valley areas is beginning to distinguish themselves with more red wine varieties. Some of the vineyards of the country can be found in the following areas:

• South of Devonport in the North West
• North of Launceston in Tamar Valley
• Pipers River
• Between Sorell and Bicheno on the east coast
• Along the Coal river
• Derwent Valley
• Between Southport and Kingston in the south.




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