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Drinking age in Toronto


Toronto’s legal drinking age is 19. In the provinces of Quebec, Montreal, and Alberta, it’s just 18. You have to show a picture ID to prove that you’re over 18 years old. You could show them an Ontario driver’s license, a passport in Canada, a card showing Canadian citizenship, or a card for the Canadian armed forces.

You can also try to get a BYID card through LCBO. This is a card that’s just open to people who are between the ages of 19 and 35, and it will cost $30 for the application fee. Get an application at a LCBO store, or you can go online and print it from their website.

You can also use an Ontario health card as an ID for drinking. There are new Ontario health cards that have a picture and include your age too, however, the problem is that since the card is considered to be a part of your personal health information, the bar staff and other establishments with licenses can’t ask you to show it. Because licensed establishments are able to ask to look at your ID, the Ontario health cards on the approved list for IDs by the Commission for Alcohol and Gaming in the province. What this means is that you’re allowed to show your health card to the staff, and they can decide whether they want to takeit or not. You just call ahead of time if you’re thinking about going to a licensed establishment and using an Ontario Health Card.

Some people think the drinking age in Canada is 18, but there are some provinces in Canada where the drinking age is less. In Manitoba, Quebec, and Alberta, the drinking age is much lower at 18. The drinking age in Ontario is 18 all the way up to 1979, but it was changed on January 1st of 1979.

The age when you can legally serve alcohol is lower. If you want to get a job in a bar setting, like a LCBO store, or any other location that offers alcohol, you’re able to start doing so at 18 years old or so. Any age less than 18, and you’re not going to get to do any job that uses bartending, taking cash for drinks, taking drinks, stocking alcohol, or serving drinks.

Don’t expect to get away with drinking if you’re under the age of 19. Just because you’re allowed to drink at 18 in other parts of Canada, doesn’t mean you can drink in this province at 18 years old. There are different rules, guidelines, and laws for each province, and you can’t expect the rules to be uniform from one province to another. The rules are enforced strictly, and you can’t drink in a club if you’re not above the legal age. Don’t expect to go there and enjoy a liquored-up time as a tourist if you’re going there with your family, and you’re 18 years old. They’re not going to muddle the lines and let you drink just because you’re one year below the legal age.



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  1. Paul The north says:

    To clarify, Toronto is a major city in the Provience of Ontario. This could be corrected on your great site.
    Secondly, if a minor is at a gathering where there is alcohol they will just break up the gathering. It is not on the books, but also if parents provide for their child normally it is not an issue


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