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Drinking Age in Trinidad

In Trinidad you must be eighteen years old to purchase and drink alcoholic beverages. It is not prohibited to drink in public places while in the country. However, if you are in a drunken state and engage in a disorderly act it is illegal and you could face a fine and possibly other punishment as well.
Trinidad Culture

The culture of Trinidad is a wonderful blend of people from all over the world including Spain, Amerindian, French, Chinese, British, African, and Indian. The official language of the country is English and people living on the island do so in harmony religiously. Festivals such as Eid, Christmas, and Diwali are all celebrated with enthusiasm.

Music is popular throughout the country and there have been many different forms of music developed over time. Some of the popular forms of music include Chutney, Soca, and Calypso.

One of the best drinks available in Trinidad to help you cool off on a hot and sunny day is Mauby. This delicious drink is non-alcoholic and is made from Mauby tree bark. Cinnamon as well as other spices is added to it to give it a wonderful flavour. Coconut water is available throughout the islands in many varieties as well.

During the Christmas season there is a drink made from the flowers of Roeselle called Sorrell that is available. This is a non-alcoholic drink as well.

Trinidad when an imperialized colony grew sugar cane. This is why rum is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks in Trinidad and Tobago. Some of the more popular brands of rum that are available in Trinidad include Old Oak, White Oak, Black Label, and Vat 19. Puncheon is another type of rum that is available, but it is very special as it contains about 75% alcohol. You can buy half bottles or whole bottles of rum at most of the bars in the country.

Two of the popular brands of beer that are available in Trinidad are Stag and Carib.

Food of Trinidad

Trinidad has one of the richest food cultures in the world. Most of the food found in the country has an Indian influence. The food is typically very hot and spicy, so if you cannot handle spicy food you will want to tell the chef ahead of time.

The roti is one of the main attractions when it comes to the food of Trinidad. This is a traditional Indian bread that is served either plain or stuffed. Roti’s can be stuffed with spices and vegetable mixtures as well as meat. A plain roti can be eaten with vegetables and curry.

Phoulourie is a snack that is found at many of the road side stalls. It is a ball of fried flour that is filled with spicy water.

Bake and shark is served in the north and is a must try delicacy when in Trinidad. The shark meat is deep fried and served with several baked breads.




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