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Drinking age in Tunisia

The legal drinking and purchase age in Tunisia is 18. It’s not so unusual when you think that the United States is one of the only countries in the world with a drinking age of 21. It is strange that the drinking age is so high because most countries have a drinking age that is much lower around the world.

Tunisia is a progressive Muslim country, and alcohol is very restricted, but it’s not terribly restricted, in certain licensed, and oftentimes very much more expensive, restaurants and resorts. There are big department stores, as well as some supermarkets, that sell wine and beer, and they offer some hard liquors that are imported as well, except when there are Muslim holidays. Female travelers need to be aware that, away from the resort areas where there are a lot of tourists, they could find themselves with a bar that is smokey and filled with men drinking in a concentrated style. Some bars might even refuse to let women in, and others might ask for a passport so they can check your nationality. You need to look at the environment of the bar before you decide to drink.

One of the most popular local brands of beer is Celtia. There are some places that carry imported beers though.

There are a lot of places that serve alcohol, and many of them have Tunisian wine. Tunisian wine will have always been produced by penologists of French origin.

You can also get Bouhka, which is a kind of Tunisian brandy.

There are a number of countries around the world that have different drinking ages than 18, and it’s hard to keep up with all of them. 18 is the most common drinking age though. There are some countries that have banned alcohol entirely. Some countries have no drinking age. It’s unusual to see this majority Muslim country have a legal drinking age, but it’s considered a progressive Muslim country. Therefore, alcohol is allowed there, and individuals can drink it if they are above the legal drinking age.




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