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Drinking age in Uganda

The drinking and purchase age in Uganda is 18. A lot of people are surprised when they see that the drinking age is 18 in another country. However, it’s not so strange when you think that the government of the United States is unique in that it has a drinking and purchase age of 21.

You can find lower-end South African wine at some restaurants, but you should stay with the beer. There are four big brands of beer, and Pilsner is the main one.

Uganda is a pretty safe country to travel to if you’re thinking of getting a party scene going and having some fun. It’s not nearly as unsafe as some of the other African countries to go to. Uganda is also considered the alcoholism capital of Africa. One of the favorite kinds of alcohol made by the locals is waragi. Based on what the World Health Organization found, Uganda was the top contender for the per capita alcohol consumption in the entire world. Those numbers have only gone up in recent years, and Uganda is generally drunkest place on earth. However, what’s even scarier is that people are going blind and dying from drinking waragi. The government of Uganda is taking action. They are stepping up their efforts to deal with the problem. They are trying to fix it seriously.

It’s so complicated to understand the different drinking ages around the world, because there are all different drinking ages, and you’re going to have problems sifting through it all, especially if you’re a world traveler. What makes the issue even more complicated is that there are sometimes different minimum legal drinking and purchase ages. Sometimes, there are different ages for separate kinds of alcohol. There are sometimes different ages for beer and wine, and different ages for liquor. It becomes very complicated when you think about all the different ages, and especially how they change through time.

Uganda has been a place that’s been at the center of an international argument about its laws against homosexuals, but that shouldn’t deter you from going over there and drinking and enjoying yourself. Their socially conservative values don’t necessarily extend to alcoholic beverage drinking. They are some of the heaviest drinkers in the entire world there. You can find some of the world’s best alcoholic beverages there as well. You’ll find drinks that are made from exotic spices, herbs, plants, roots, tubers, and such.

Uganda is an excellent country to live in, and you’ll discover a lot about the stuff there is to do there if you just go there. Don’t approach it with stereotypes. Don’t think about it in a negatively critical light because of how it’s been presented in the media because of the gay rights issue. It still has a great environment to drink in. You are going to have a lot of fun while you’re there if you just go to the right clubs and enjoy the Ugandan spirit of being an over-drinker.




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