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Drinking age in Ukraine

The Ukraine has some of the strongest spirits in the world, and they also have a society that permits drinking, more so than other cultures sometimes. Some of the best vodkas in the world are produced in the Ukraine, and they are also produced in Russia as well. There are a number of hard liquors and strong spirits that are produced in the Ukraine that aren’t produced anywhere else in the world. It’s such a fun event to be able to go there as a tourist and drink there. It’s almost a surreal experience to get to try some of the best alcohol in the world in an entirely different country. It’s an amazing experience to have some of the finest and most potent alcohol in the world. There are people all over the whole world that go to the Ukraine just to sample the alcohol. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you get to sample the alcohol there just once. It’s a wonderful place to go as a tourist, and you can remember the experiences for a lifetime. Drinking vodka is such an important part of the recreational culture there that it wouldn’t be a complete trip without sampling it while you’re there. There are a number of different pubs and bars that you can go to while you’re there, and the nightlife is never lacking, so to speak. There are people that come from all over the world just to see the nightclubs and nightlife, and it’s very impressive.

The legal drinking age in the Ukraine is 18. Some people say that the policemen rarely do anything about the drinking when someone is under the age of 18 years old, because the policemen used to drink when they were young as well. It’s a very lenient society in that regard. Some people say it is legal to buy beer, or any kind of alcohol, at any street shop. However, drinking in public is usually frowned upon. You’ll usually get a fine for drinking in a residential area. There are some rare bars, though, that won’t serve clients who are under 21 with tequila, vodka, or spirits. One resident who lives there said that they don’t care if you drink in Russia or the Ukraine, and that’s the reason it’s one of the countries with the most drinkers. If you’re there, and you’re not above the legal drinking age, there are residents that say that the small street shops will sell to you. One resident said that 18 was the legal age, but that they wouldn’t card you. The Ukraine, and Russia generally, are known for their fine spirits and alcoholic beverages, and that’s why it’s good that there’s a drinking age that’s 18 there. People don’t have to wait a further three years before they can drink some of the finest alcohol that the world has to offer. It’s the best in some of the European countries, and they’re blessed to be able to drink at that young age.




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