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Drinking age in Uruguay

One of the best places to go drinking is in a South American country. They have a lot of exotic drinks there, and many of them are based on rums. There are a number of specialty drinks there, and they’re extremely tasty and exotic. Uruguay is a country with some of the most unique drinks on the whole continent. There are bartenders that go to work there at the major resorts from great locations all over the world. The reason is that Uruguay is known for its drinking culture. Some of the best bars and resorts in the world are there, and they host a lot of visitors and tourists from all over the world. There are so many unique opportunities and experiences to experience the best of Uruguay, but you should go there when you’re at least 18 so you can drink there.

What makes the whole thing more complicated is that countries have different drinking and purchase laws. Sometimes, there are different ages depending on the region of the country you’re in. Sometimes, there are different ages for different kinds of alcohol. Sometimes, there are just public purchase and possession ages, but there are no drinking ages. Each country is completely different. Not all countries have the same outlook. There are some countries that ban alcohol for religious reasons.

The legal drinking age in Uruguay is 18. There are a number of South American countries that have very low drinking ages, and that’s normal, because there is a very liberal attitude toward drinking in the South American countries. There is not such a harsh or critical attitude toward drinking as there is in the United States. There’s more of a laid back or liberal attitude toward drinking. There are several countries around the world that have banned alcohol entirely so that’s kind of a good thing that there are other countries that have an extremely liberal attitude toward it. If you’ve traveled throughout the Middle East, and you’re ready to go visit an area where drinking is more allowed, then consider going to South America, and specifically Uruguay. They have some of the best drinks in South America there, and they are not at all expensive. You can live like a king there. The women are incredibly beautiful too.

You may get a little bit of culture shock when you go to South America. You could think it’s really weird that everyone there is allowed to drink at such a young age while you, in the United States of America, have trouble drinking unless you are over the age of 21. There are a number of countries that aren’t nearly as harsh as the United States though. Some countries have no qualms about letting people drink at 16.

Don’t be dismayed if you have to come back to the United States after drinking there when you’re 18. You can travel to most countries around the world, and the drinking age will be 18.




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