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Drinking Age in Venezuela

While the minimum legal drinking age in Venezuela is only 18, it is still not strictly enforced. It appears this small county in South America is ripe with alcohol and used for celebrations of all kinds. If you want to party, this is one place that will take care of all your needs.

Types of Alcohol in Venezuela

Venezuela is famous for its rum, but also has a decent wine and beer industry. Restaurants, pubs and liquor stores have a wide variety of imported liquors so you should have no problem finding your preferred beverage. If you want, there are many different cocktails in the bars and hotels you will enjoy.

Venezuelan beer is weak and a bit watery. In fact, it is quite common for a single person to drink an entire case in one evening and still go for a bottle of rum to cap things off. Polar is the brand of choice and comes in a few different styles; light, regular and premium.

The rum is rich and dark. If you like your drinks made from rum, you will enjoy the flavor and strength of Venezuela’s products. The locals drink it with Coke, on the rocks or in one of the many rum cocktails.

While wine has been produced in the country since 1990, it is generally exported or sold to tourists. Locals prefer to drink beer or rum.

Chicha is a popular drink made by boiling rice, milk and sugar and letting it ferment. When pineapple is added it is called chichi andina.

Drinking Laws in Venezuela

It is rare you will see someone in trouble for underage drinking. While the minimum age is 18, venders do not get in any trouble for selling it to minors so they do not care about a buyer’s age. If they have the money, they can get the bottle. Many times, a younger teen will be sent to the store to buy alcohol for a family event or gathering. Even if stopped by a police officer on the way home, there is seldom anything done about it.

The authorities seem to be a bit stricter with visitors and tourists though. It might be due to the fact they can get more money for fines from them than from the locals. If you do have permission to drive in the country, do not do so after you have been drinking. This is one of the drinking laws they take very seriously. You will end up in a local jail and end up having to pay a hefty fee to be released.

When going to Venezuela, you definitely want to go to at least one party or special celebration. Be prepared to do some heavy drinking with your host and plan on just staying where you are for the night. Try some local beer, it will be interesting to compare it to what you are used to, and make sure you have some of the rum. Even if you prefer a different type or liquor, you will find yourself drinking the rum drinks.




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