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Drinking age in Wyoming

The National Minimum Drinking Age Act was a big deal for people. The reason it was such a huge deal was because there were people from all over the United States who were against a higher drinking age at 21. They thought it would be better to have a drinking age at 18, which was the age of the majority, the age that people could vote. There were a ton of groups that were very outspoken about the law, but there were just as many, if not more, groups that wanted the law to pass.

There was such a huge epidemic of drunk driving fatalities that the federal government felt that they had to act. The law was passed, but a lot of people, especially those 20 and younger, were angry about the law. They thought it was unfair to them, because it made them forbidden from drinking alcohol, even though they were old enough to sign up and go to war. So many people were against the law that there were protests in many of the states. However, the law ended up passing.

The law stipulated that the national minimum drinking age be put at 21. However, it was a bit of a misleading law because a lot of people thought that it meant that the national minimum drinking age was 21. However, it was just the age for the public possession and purchase of alcohol. It had nothing to do with the drinking. There are many states that allow drinking of people under the age of 21 if their parents consent, or for religious purposes. The law was never meant to proscribe drinking for everyone under the age of 21. It was just meant to ban the public purchase and possession of alcohol. It was supposed to cut down on traffic fatalities, among other things. However, a lot of people were unhappy about how the law was passed. They thought that it was unjust that the age of majority should be so much lower than the national alcohol purchase and possession age. Plus, they thought it was unfair that the federal government sort of coerced the states into changing their drinking ages by threatening to withhold 10% of federal highway construction funds.

There was no known drinking age in Wyoming prior to the passage of Prohibition. After Prohibition was repealed, the drinking age was placed at 21. It was lowered to 19 in 1973 with the passage of the 26th Amendment. It was raised to 21 in 1988. It was the last state to raise their drinking age to 21. Wyoming allows drinking for several different reasons, like on private, non alcohol-selling premises with parental consent, for religious purposes, and medical purposes. Wyoming allows drinking for lots of different reasons. It’s interesting to note that they were the last state to raise the legal minimum drinking age. People in Wyoming have their own ideas about how things should work, and it’s hard sometimes for them to accept the laws that the federal government pass some of the time.




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