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History Of Malt Liquor

The history of malt liquor starts in the years of the 1930’s. This is when it all began and when malt liquor first came out. Most people wanted to drink at the time due to the fact the prohibition just ending in 1933. This being said there were allot of brewers coming out with new drinks for the American public to drink and that is where the birth of malt liquor comes from. The dedicated brewers that made it possible are now famous for making malt liquor and have the place in history this person is Clarence Koerber he brewed the 1st malt liquor and it was called Clix Malt Liquor.

Most people were excited about a new kind of beer that they had never had before. I have drank beer and malt liquor and I would say malt liquor packs a stronger punch. If you want something that will get you drunk even now a days it is a strong drink. Alvin Gluek had another idea that was to brew some malt liquor and that was what he did. These are the two pioneers of malt liquor and the malt liquor that Alvin Gluek had made is called Sparkling Stite. These two were the first to come up with making a beer with more of a kick and malt.

The more of a kick means if you are going to drink malt liquor you are not going to want to drive. Because now drinking and driving is not allowed and if you fail a breathalyzer then you will go to jail in most states of the United States. Many other countries throughout history have had the rule stating that you cannot drink and drive because this will cause you to get an accident. So be safe don’t drink and drive just a tip you should read while reading the history of malt liquor because it is the stronger drink when compared to normal beer.

The Rise Of Malt Liquor
Malt liquor wasn’t always popular but in 1963 when Colt 45 came out. The guy who made it wanted a horse kicking on the side of the drink appealing to people who really want to get a kick out of their drink should try malt liquor which is part of how malt liquor has gotten so popular today was by these advertising efforts. Previous malt liquor vendors had been trying to appeal to the upper class while this was aimed at going to everyone for a stronger drink then beer that being said it worked out well because allot of people today know that malt liquors are stronger then most beers.

If you have ever drank malt liquor due to the kick it has or would due to learning this then these marketing efforts in 1963 have paid off because this shows that they showed that this was an important fact and now it is known nationwide. At the time there were not many malt liquors that had a national brand but now days there are many liquor brands that are national and sell at liquor stores.

The problem with this Colt 45 drink is that malt liquors could not contain numbers in them as part of the law. So this drink did not stay out very long it was a good idea but in the end the malt liquor Colt 45 was not able to be sold because it is against the law. The reason it could not have numbers because it could be not of alcoholic content because that was against the rules. That rule may seem a little silly but that rule is there for a reason not to influence the people to drink one specific drink just based on advertising alone that is what I get from it anyway.

Malt Liquor Popularity Grows

The malt liquor brewers were starting to market to high class and middle class people but the advertising efforts started going towards other areas of the market as well. This has brought a number of other people to start drinking it. I mean it does have the kick and it is a strong drink and an alternative to hard liquor but why drink it well because you want to get drunk without having to spend the money that hard alcohol can cost.

One of the other parties that the advertising was spent on where African Americans or Blacks everyone likes a strong drink but not many black people were drinking malt liquor so they became the target of the companies because there is a large amount of black people and those people would be able to drink malt liquor and that would heavily increase sales of this kind of liquor.

This advertising was working so well because thirty to thirty three percent of the malt liquor consumed in the United States was done by African American or black Americans. So the need to advertise to them was strong because they were already consuming so much that appealing to them seemed like the best possible move for the people who where selling malt liquor.

It may be a surprise that African Americans drink that much malt liquor no one really knows the reason why blacks drink more then whites or Hispanics but it is just a fact. So appealing to the black community became a very smart move for the liquor makers and this is why the malt liquor popularity grew because there were more people being advertised to that would want to buy it and where already buying it.

The way it was advertised by black people even Colt 45 advertised using black people to appeal to the black race. Not all people would consider it fair to target black people just because they drink more of a certain beverage then other people but the truth is it is just easier to get sales marketing to the people that are already using your product because then your product will grow more in popularity among those people that drink malt liquor will drink your liquor.

Malt Liquor Growing Still

In 1987 the most popular malt liquor was Old English a brewing company that was starting up was hoping to get more of the market to drink their malt liquor instead of Old English. Old English has been around for a while and was around in the year 2,000 so that brand is growing stronger every day in those times many of my friends would drink that kind of liquor and enjoy it and only buy that one so I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that malt liquor Old English was still out today. The company trying to push the way through did a ad that sounded just like the music style hip hop and included Snoop Dog. This increased sales of malt liquor by 25% and that is what brought malt liquor to grow still even though it has so much competition like beer and hard drinks.

The Movies And Malt Liquor

Crazy Horse came out a malt liquor that offended all the people that liked the movie Dances With Wolves. This did make it more heard about which made sales easier but there were certain people who didn’t like it and wouldn’t buy it because it made fun of the movie and Indians.

Now that is not enough for me to stop buying a malt liquor beverage but people have changed since the time of Dances With Wolves and people still like malt liquor and to drink it when they can and this could be one of the malt liquors that made it to the best malt liquors there is only time will tell.

Malt Liquor Today

What you have read so far is the history of malt liquor and the history continues today. But more and more black people are being advertised different drinks now because enough black and other race people already drink malt liquor now. The drinks that the black artists are now endorsing are Patrone and Hennessy these are two drinks that I have noticed have been getting allot of attention from the black artists and many place artists be drinking Hennessy and enjoying it on the TV.

People that drink on TV make other people copy them because people want to be cool like that particular artist that being said it increases sales of certain types of liquor just like the malt liquor ads for black people there are now hard liquor ads for black people because they drink allot of alcohol statistically speaking.

History always has a future and the future seems to be going pretty strong with hard liquor and malt liquor being favored by many Americans. These kinds of drinks are also popular world wide so unless the whole world changes over night you are not going to see these drinks go away anytime soon they will remain strong and prevalent in the homes of Americans and other people as well.




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