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How to Play the Jenga Drinking Game

drunk jenga game

If you thought this game was difficult when you were sober, just wait until you try to play it once you’ve had a couple of beers.


  • Jenga game
  • Pen
  • Lots of beer

Set Up:

Give six Jenga pieces the following rules.

  • Give a couple of drinks
  • Give one drink
  • Take one drink
  • Take two drinks
  • Take five drinks
  • Complete a drink
  • Waterfall effect
  • Girls have to drink
  • Guys have to drink

There have been a lot of suggestions put forth on different rules to attribute to the Jenga pieces. There are some excellent ones out there, and they can make the game a lot more risqué and interesting.

Shun is where no one is allowed to speak to the individual who draws this thing. If you do speak to his individual, then you have to take a sip. If you are the person who is shunted, then need to attempt to have people speak to you.

Take off an article of clothing. This is a great rule to employ if you’re with a group of mixed genders. Once you’re all loosened up with a lot of booze, you’ll get relaxed.

Drinking buddy is when you choose a partner. Each time one of you is forced to consume alcohol, you both have to consume alcohol. It’s pretty ingenious.

Mystery shot is where each person in the game makes a mystery shot for you to consume alcohol from. It’s a good idea to just not think about it and toss it back.

Make up a rule is where you make up a rule, and it will last for the duration of the game. For instance, each time that you use the words “drunk”, “drank”, or “drink”, you have to take a drink.

Truth or Dare is where good traditional truth or dare comes into play when the buzz level starts to really rise.

Game Play:

This game will closely trail the basic rules of Jenga. Every player has to take a turn taking off one block using just one hand. If the block gets removed successfully, then the rule on the block has to be followed. If the tower actually crashes, then the player has to finish their drink, and then they have to choose three blocks to follow it. If you like board games, and you especially like Jenga, then this is a really fun game to play. Consider playing Jenga sober. Then play Jenga when you’re drunk, and see which way you like it better. For those who think they are just going to knock over the Jenga tower, they are probably right. It’s really easy to just knock over the Jenga tower when your friends are drunk.



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