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How To Play the Kings Cup Drinking Game

This game is a traditional classic at most parties. There are so many variations of its rules so this summary will just cover a common way that it is played.


  • A vast amount of beer
  • Huge cup in the middle
  • A playing cards deck

Set Up:

Everyone will sit down in a little circle around the table. You will put the huge cup in the center of the table, and you will scatter all the cards around you face down, surrounding the cup. If you are going to play with the separation rule, read about it below in the text, then you need to make certain that all the cards are touching one another.

Game Play:

You need to pick a person to first, and then that individual will choose a card and turn it over so that everyone can see what the card is at the same time. You will need to look at the rules underneath to decide what you have to do because of the card that you just flipped over. The player order will continue in a clockwise direction with the next individual turning over a card and keeping up with the rule of it and so on and so forth until the time that all the cards run out completely.

  • Fuck You – Individual that turns over the card chooses someone to drink.
  • Fuck Me – Individual that turns over the card has to choose someone to drink.
  • Floor – The person who is last to put their hand on the floor will drink.
  • Guys – Every single guy has to drink
  • Girls – Every single girl has to drink
  • Heaven – The final person to raise their hand has to drink
  • Never Ever – Individual that turns this has to say “Never ever …” and then utter a thing that some one could have done. Anyone that’s ever done that has to drink. For instance, “Never ever have I been to Europe.” Anyone who’s been to Europe then has to drink.
  • Rap – Individual that turns over utters a sentence, the next person has to come up with a sentence, and the last word has to rhyme with the sentence before it, and so on and so forth until someone messes up, or it takes longer than five seconds for an individual to come up with a rhyme, and then that person has to drink.
  • Sentence – Individual that turns it over has to utter a single word, and then the next person has to utter a word and add another word onto it. The next person has to repeat the words before it, in the sequence that they were said, and then they have to add their own word in. This will go on until a person can’t recall the words in the right way, and they mess up the sentence and then that individual has to drink. The sentence doesn’t even have to mean anything at all.
  • Jack: Categories – Individual that turns over a card has to choose a category and name something from it, then you keep going in player order, and name something in that category until an individual cannot think of something or repeats a word, and then that individual has to drink. Some of the sample categories are NFL teams, Nissan models, brands of vodka, colors, etc.
  • Queen: Questions – Individual that turns the card over asks a random guy a question. That guy has to ask some other player a question or answer the question before it with a question. The initial person to not use a question has to consume alcohol.
  • King: King’s Cup – Individual that turns it over has to pour what’s remaining of their beer into the middle cup. The player that turns the last King over has to consume alcohol from the King’s Cup.
  • Ace: Make Up a Rule – The player that turns it over has to make a rule up. A person who doesn’t follow each rule has to consume alcohol too. Some sample rules are no swearing. You might have to speak in an accent, no pointing, no first names can be used, etc.

These rules can be changed however you wish, and it all depends on how drunk you’re attempting to get. For example, it is common when we are trying to drink enough to pass out, that we add in a rule where if one individual starts drinking then another person has to start drinking, then another person starts drinking until everyone is consuming alcohol. You can’t put down the cup until the person prior to you puts their cup down. That’s what’s called a waterfall effect. It’s a great rule if you want to get everyone drunk.




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