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How To Play the Land Mines Drinking Game

If you want a really fun game to play involving quarters, then this is your game. There’s not a lot of drinking when the game begins. However, as the game moves ahead, some interesting alliances and camaraderie develops.


  • Quarter
  • Big kitchen table
  • A couple of shot glasses
  • A bunch of beer cans

Set Up:

It’s best to play this game on a really smooth surface, like a countertop or bare table, and it’s a great idea to have a lot of space, just in case the quarter goes spinning off of it, otherwise. Players will encircle the countertop or table in a clockwise set-up.

Game Play:

The initial player will take the quarter, and he will spin it around on the table. When then quarter starts to spin, the player will then take the shots of beers with the hand that the quarter was spun around with, and then they will grab the quarter, prior to it ceasing spinning, with the hand that was the original hand. If you want to get a great spin, then grip the top of the quarter and just flick on one end of it to get a long-lasting, tight spin. The time when the game play gets really cool when the land mines start to show up. Generally, any bear that has been drunk by an individual at the table is their own little land mine. If you use these land mines, you can hit an individual’s quarter in the middle of a spin, making them have to drink their remaining shots and redo their turn. Once that landmine is used, then that beer will have to stay in the position it was initially used for the rest of the game. It will then become a persistent obstacle that a person will have to try to avoid. The quarter can come into contact with a landmine, but it will be hard to make sure the quarter keeps spinning once its made contact with the mine.

The joy of the game is the open and secret alliances that are created. The strategic part helps you balance subtle propaganda, targeted aggression, and heavy drinking. The more quickly you drink, the more firepower you build up. The game ends when when the table, also known as the map, gets so littered with beer cans that are empty that you can’t play anymore. This is what’s referred to as nuclear fallout.

Be aware that if one individual gets stuck on their turn, which will probably happen, and more often later in the game, then they do have an option to buyout and pass up their turn in exchange for having to drink a whole beer.




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