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The Top 5 Bars in Amsterdam

amsterdam-barsAmsterdam culture is very socially liberal, and they have lots of coffee shops and bars which attest to that. It’s a city that loves culture and the arts, and you’ll be free to experience all of life, and enjoy yourself there, if a vacation happens. You won’t have to worry about the police coming over and harassing you for going to a coffee shop. Also, the drinking age is lower at 18, and you won’t have to worry about policemen harassing me when you’re kicking back a brew or two.

If you’re in Amsterdam to try out some of the beer, don’t miss going to the art museums, concerts, parks, stores, shops, sex clubs, and coffee shops too. There’s so much to do in Amsterdam that it would be hard to get bored. You won’t feel lonely for long with so many expatriates and tourists there to visit as well. It’s a good idea to take a drinking buddy with you though. You don’t want to be without a good friend in a cold, wintry town.

Amsterdam has quaffable beers and traditional genevers too. Holland has some of the most famous and historic brands. Amsterdam has a vibrant drinks scene to keep up with all of Holland, and there are a large number of establishments, including fine cocktail bars, ancient taverns, and everything in between. Let’s look at some places that I really enjoyed when I wet there. If you can get away from some of those notorious coffee shops to get to a bar or two, then you’ll be in for a treat.

Amstel Bar & Brasserie

The Amstel Lounge is situated right in the Amstel Hotel, and of course, it overlooks the river. It’s got a menu designed to celebrate the history of the hotel, which is more than 140 years old, and it’s got tartan carpets and nautical fixtures too. It’s a great spot for a Martini, or you can have a little tea in the afternoon at the Amstel Lounge, which is neighboring. If you’re here, drink a Straights Sling.

Cafe De Dokter

There’s a lot of dust hanging down from the chandeliers at this place. The walls are nicotine-stained, and there is dark lighting, and it all helps create more of an environment conducive to a vintage feel. It’s an over 200-year-old gem. It’s a little tight inside, especially because of all the stuff in there, like an odd birdcage, old telephones, ancient musical instruments, and treasures. The bar also has silver-plated plaques that honor the regulars too. There are a ton of rare whiskies, and it’s one of many favorite establishments by esteemed authorities. If you’re here, try the Kop Stoot.

De Drie Fleschjes

De Drie Fleschjes, which goes back more than 350 years, is sort of like a tavern and a museum. It has a lot of flagons that commemorate every mayor that Amsterdam has ever had and plenty of eclectic items too. You can try a plate of salami and meatbals with a little Dutch liqeur or genever. If you’re here, try the Boswandeling.


There’s almost one speakeasy-style cocktail bar in every city. There’s the sophisticated atmosphere, tin ceiling, antique barware, and hidden door, plus the creations that are perfectly balanced from Timo Janses, as well as his team. The present menu is inspired by Sin City, with tipples, quotes, and cartoon illustrations to match. If you’re here, try the La Ninja.


This bar is named after a fruit from South America, and it has a back bar that’s floor-to-ceiling, and it comes with a ladder so that you can get up to the very top shelf of bottles. It has a sweet industrial design and a DJ balcony, and he’s often spinning some electronic music. The menu is precise and short, and there are a lot of fruity-forward drinks and some standard drinks like the Paloma and Blood & Sand. This is the one place where you can spend a lot of serious time. If you’re here, try the Liv’s Blackberry.




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