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Three-Man Drinking Game

I almost didn’t remember this game, and that’s really odd because I did use it quite frequently. Three-Man is a very easy game to play, and you use dice so you’re able to carry some dice in your pocket to the party. There aren’t that many rules, but it still might have the effect of getting people little messed up because the rules that currently exist are just about tossing a whole lot of beer around.


  • Big kitchen table
  • A couple dice
  • Lots of beer

Set Up:

Everyone will sit around a circular table. The game will go in a clockwise motion.

Game Play:

To begin the game, with just a single die, the person will roll. If the die lands on three, then that individual is the three man. If it doesn’t land on three, then the player to the left will go on and on until a person gets a three. Once a three man gets picked, the person after him will begin using two dice. You will roll the dice, and based on what lands, several things can happen:

  • Roll a three: The three man has to drink
  • Roll a seven: The individual to the right has to take a drink
  • Roll an 11: The individual to the left has to take a drink
  • Roll a nine: Social
  • Roll doubles: You give out the die. You can both of them to a single person, or you can divide them up amongst two people. Either option, whichever person gets the die, will roll them out. You have to drink the number that is on the dice that you rolled out. However, if both of the dice come up to a double, for example, two fours, then the individual who passed the dice out has to consume that total.
  • Either of the dice is a three: Three-Man has to drink a little beer

You read that right. Any time you roll the dice out, and either side of the dice is a three, then the three-man has to drink. If you roll out any dice combination that’s not prior list, then you have to pass it on to the next individual. So, if you happen to make one of the combinations above, then you would keep it rolling right along. The only way that the three man can’t drink anymore is by rolling a three on his or her turn. So, if your interest is in keeping sober, then you don’t want to become a three man.



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