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Top Ten Malt Liquors

#1 Big Daddy J’s Malt Liquor

The #1 Malt liquor comes from Oregon and is brewed by Full Sail Brewery. The ABV on this is 8% so this is a strong malt liquor. Now you may wonder what kind of people would want to drink this well Americans and people around the world would love to drink this so take that into thought when thinking about #1 malt liquor available for people to drink.

The bottles you can buy are there but you can also find this drink on tap at your local bar so if you want to try a malt liquor that is #1 then ask for Big Daddy J’s Malt Liquor and you will have had the #1 malt liquor.

#2 Ionizer Lager

The #2 malt liquor comes from United States California the ABV on this is 8.7% stronger then #1 but still very close to the number one spot over all. This is being brewed by Lightning Brewery company.

This beer has been said to have a yellow gold color and to be with tons of malt or white head as some people would call it. I like my drinks clear color but if you are one of the people that prefer a gold color malt liquor and the #2 of all time malt liquor then you can ask for this drink on tap or you can purchase it from the store. Either way you can enjoy it you can try all the malt liquors just make sure to drink responsibly and not to many at once because you won’t know what the effect is on you if you drink too much at once.

#3 Colt 444

The company that makes this malt liquor is the Sun King Brewing company and the beer is reviewed positively across the internet as the #3 malt liquor. All of these liquors mentioned are very popular with people and that is why they are the numbers based on the number of drinkers and their rating of the malt liquor.

One thing about Colt 444 is the smooth clean taste it offers. Not many malt liquors keep this in mind only worry about getting you drunk and that is what would make you happy so make sure to check this one out and that is it for the #3 malt liquor. Oh yeah and the ABV in this one is 6%.

#4 Tap And Die Malt Liquor

The people who brew this Tap And Die Malt Liquor are The Peoples Pint. This malt liquor has a “head” that quickly leaves meaning the foam quickly goes away. Also this malt liquor is favored by fans and comes in a 40oz bottle or from the tap at your local bar. So if you want to try this one out just ask for Tap And Die Malt Liquor at your local bar or shop the liquor at one of the local gas stations or liquor stores.

#5 Titanium

This Titanium beverage is brewed in California in the United States the ABV for this alcohol is 7.40%. The brewery that makes this also makes ale and you can tell that from the name of the company which is Triple Rock Brewery And Ale House. Fans say it is a favorite and that it leaves behind a lace type foam when the head of the malt liquor is going down.

So if you like cool designs on your beer mug you could try this malt liquor in your beer mug today.

#6 Haffenreffer Private Stock

This #6 malt liquor is Haffenreffer Private Stock and is brewed in Massachusetts in the United States. The company that brews this is the company called American Malt Liquor and the ABV for this drink is 6.9%.

There are huge bubbles with this and the head goes away quickly with this malt liquor perfect for those that don’t like the head at all and just want to drink the beer. Many beers try to compete but this is #6 of all malt liquors and there are many more then 6 of them so try this out today responsibly.

#7 Colt 45 Double Malt Liquor

The malt liquor Colt 45 Malt Liquor is number 7 of 10 of the drinks of malt liquor. This is brewed in the state of California inside of the United States. The ABV on this drink is 5.61%. I am starting to notice a trend here the lower the ABV the lower the rank in drink while this might not always be true it is true that most people drink malt liquor for the kick and that is why the more kick the more sales.

This is not exactly a light beer but a decent malt liquor the place that brews this is Pabst Brewing Company. The head in this drink the foam stays for long periods of time and this is a favorite with fans. So if you like foam on your malt liquor then try this malt liquor and you won’t be let down.

#8 Molson Brador

This #8 malt liquor is named Molson Brador it has a ABV of 6% and is made in Ontario Canada. It is made by Molson Coors Canada. This drink is more for the Canadians right well that is not the case many beers in other countries make it to the United States so if this is in your local malt liquor clubs then try it out.

This malt liquor has as very small white head and retains well so it is perfect for those that like foam in their malt liquor.

#9 Coqui 900 Premium Malt Liquor

The Coqui 900 Premium Malt Liquor is also brewed by Pabst Brewing Company in the state of California in the United States. The ABV for this drink is 6%. Not a bad ABV but not the highest out of this great chart maybe one reason it didn’t make it to the top 5 positions.

This malt liquor is yellow and shows that very well it also has a thick head. So for those that like their malt liquor in a glass with a thick head then this is the liquor for you. For those that don’t look up and find the malt liquor that best suits your needs. No reason not to try one of the top ten malt liquors one of them should be the way you like it.

#10 Red Horse Beer

This malt liquor is named Red Horse Beer but is a malt liquor beer. It is made in the Philippines and has a ABV of 6.9%. The company that brews this malt liquor is named San Miguel Brewery Inc.

This poured into a glass resembles a lacey feature after the white head goes away it only goes about half away.

That being said hope you try one of these malt liquors that are rated good with people and are the top ten malt liquors. So check one of them out and tell your friends that you tried a top ten malt liquor and share your experience with them and maybe they will try it and have a good time. Drink responsibly.




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